Valued Partnerships

Revlon works with thousands of suppliers around the world whose partnerships are critical to our business success and long-term, responsible growth. With a focus on building mutually beneficial strategic supply partners, we are able to deliver better innovation and competitive advantages than could be achieved through traditional, transactional purchasing relationships.

Ethical Conduct

We are a company that believes how we conduct business matters as much as the results we achieve. We hold our suppliers to the same standard of ethical conduct to which we hold ourselves and our expectations are outlined in our Third Party Code of Conduct.

Strategic Imperatives

Working with strategic and preferred suppliers, our procurement focus is on quality, service, cost, innovation and sustainability. Our suppliers provide us with materials, including ingredients, packaging components and machinery, as well as goods and services, necessary for our operations. We welcome all qualified diverse suppliers to consider Revlon's potential sourcing opportunities and we encourage suppliers that meet our qualifications to contact us.